Community Banks and Credit Unions have a passion for their customers and we have a passion for them. Our sole purpose, our very existence is to grow the organizations that are supporting our local communities with financial products and services. Big banks have billions of dollars to spread their message but you have us. And we are a kick-ass secret weapon built on sheer creativity and passion for what we do.

As massive disruption continues in the banking space, community financial institutions will be faced with constant challenges. The shift to interaction through technology is limiting our ability to differentiate based on a high level of service. This requires a new approach to branding and differentiation, one that clearly sets each financial institution apart.

This is our passion!

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Are you ready to change the game? Edge can help your community bank or credit union stand out in ways you can't even imagine!


Marketing without strategy is simply pretty pictures. Edge creates unique strategies that allow exceptional creative to stand out for community banks and credit unions!



Financial products and services have become a commodity. When one community bank or credit union brand stands out, they can dominate their market. Edge shapes community-banking brands into juggernauts!



Over 2/3rds of consumers select their financial products and services online. Edge utilizes digital channels to attract and retain community bank and credit union customers!



Community banks and credit unions do not have gigantic marketing budgets. Edge builds marketing campaigns that leverage unique strategies and cutting-edge creativity not massive budgets!