Sure almost all community banks and credit unions offer online banking, mobile banking and a smart phone app. But we often forget that customers have to first do business with our institution before they can feel the impact of any of those technologies. Consumer behavior has shifted. Gone are the days where customers first visited a branch to investigate banking products and services. Now they begin the research process online and often expect to secure the product or service entirely online. This shift has left most community banks and credit unions scrambling as larger institutions capture market share through digital channels.

Edge has grown up almost entirely online. This helps us to provide unique digital strategies for our clients in the areas of:

  • Local Search
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Search
  • Landing and Conversion Pages
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Paid Social
  • Reputation Management
  • Content Marketing

In the future, member acquisition and retention will rely heavily on the digital channel. Are you ready?

Check out our latest digital projects for community banks and credit unions that are on the cutting-edge of digital.

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Are you ready to change the game? Edge can help your community bank or credit union stand out in ways you can't even imagine!

Kick-Ass Creative


Marketing without strategy is simply pretty pictures. Edge creates unique strategies that allow exceptional creative to stand out for community banks and credit unions!



Financial products and services have become a commodity. When one community bank or credit union brand stands out, they can dominate their market. Edge shapes community-banking brands into juggernauts!



Over 2/3rds of consumers select their financial products and services online. Edge utilizes digital channels to attract and retain community bank and credit union customers!



Community banks and credit unions do not have gigantic marketing budgets. Edge builds marketing campaigns that leverage unique strategies and cutting-edge creativity not massive budgets!